Web Developer

We are currently looking for a new developer to work on a number of web-development projects. Based in our Rotterdam office (in the Netherlands), the successful candidate will work on improving our web-based products, websites and work on the development of SaaS solutions. In particular, we are looking for candidates with a good mix of technical and design skills (while maintaining consistency in the layout and the look & feel). Our web development makes use of modern development tools enabling us to achieve high quality results quickly.

Principal Tasks:

  • Development and improvement of the standard P&A web applications
  • Maintaining the lay-out of our company website
  • Development of custom web applications for our customers


Skills and Attributes:

  • The ability to function independently, but within our development team
  • Excellent knowledge of (x)html, css, and javascript
  • Abilitry to develop systems where usability and user-friendliness are paramount
  • Multiple years of experience with .net framework, asp.net and c#
  • Experience with visual studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010
  • Experience with an n-tier system is an advantage
  • Experience with MS SQL Server is an advantage


Please contact Matt Steel-Jessop on 01908 265111 for more information.