Communication Officer

We are currently looking to add a new member of staff to our team to manage communication with our software users, prospective clients and other company contacts. The principal focus of this roll is to ensure we maintain meaningful regular contact with each of these groups. Communication will be achieved via a range of different methods including newsletters, website content, social media and regular telephone calls.

Providing regular contact between our team and the three target groups, the new member of staff will manage a structured program of regular communication activities. Content will include company news, product updates, general HR articles, offers and promotions. This content will be created by the new member of staff, with guidance and support from other members of our team.

In addition to the regular news sent to clients, the new member of staff will coordinate and manage annual client reviews. These reviews are done by telephone, and while some clients will need to be managed by other members of the team, a significant number will be contacted by the communications officer. Our software is provided on an annual contract and these calls are part of the review/renewal process.

We are looking for candidates who are proactive and enthusiastic, who understand good customer care, and who have an insight into human resources management (and how systems are used to help manage staff). Initially the role is part time (based on working 2 days a week) but there is some degree of flexibility in the working hours. The positions would suit candidates who have good written and spoken communication skills and are able to undertake research and produce content on HR-related topics.

Job Location: The position is based at our offices in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes.

Remuneration: Between £12 and £15 per hour (based on skills/experience). Part-time: based on 16 hours per week.

More Information: Please contact Matt Steel-Jessop for more information.