Ceona is a new subsea construction company combining innovation, safety and efficiency with decades of offshore industry know-how. Our top team brings together years of experience from the world’s leading offshore construction companies.

We needed a system to record and manage our HR information. From the outset, we decided that all employees and managers would be included in the maintenance of this information. This means that everybody has access to the information they need and importantly, information is added to the system at source.

We looked at our expense claims process and automated this within the Employee Self-Service module. Later we extended this by providing employees with the means to submit travel requests. This information is added by the employees themselves and approved by management before processing.

A number of further processes have been set up within People Inc, for example, our recruitment is managed on-line using the system. Once again, our aim here was to provide real efficiency in the way we work.

As our company grows our needs are constantly changing. Where appropriate, we have automated new processes using the People Inc. system. The People Inc. system’s flexibility enables us to implement changes quickly and inexpensively.

Sasha Jauregui
Compensation & Benefits Manager