Togfest Music Festival

Togfest is a family-friendly annual music festival. Since it began more than a decade ago, Togfest has promoted live original music of every possible genre. The festival is managed and run by a team of dedicated professionals who give their time for free.

The Togfest festival comes together on one weekend each year. Managing the high volumes of information in the run-up to the event is a real challenge. The flexibility provided by the People Inc. system not only enables us to record details of staff and volunteers, but also vendors, suppliers and artistes. This is all made available to individual members of the management team at home or in their offices via the Internet.

The ease with which the system accommodated our diverse and detailed data requirements and enabled us to access this remotely has made a real difference to the way we now prepare for the festival each year. And even with our very specific configuration of the system, the team at P&A always provide quick and very effective support.

Ian Rowe
Event Organiser