“We have been working on personnel management systems for the past 10 years. We have always had a passionate and enthusiastic approach to how we work on our products and this often rubs off onto our customers” 

AgathonHR are a small company based in the Cotswolds who have been working on HR Systems since 1997 where we initially were an end user of HR system which we used to manage IT contractors, mainly their contact details and salaries. 

In 2000 we began providing a training and consultancy service to Vizual Business Tools, on their Personnel Manager system and then Personnel Director on its release. During this time we have provided training and consultancy to companies throughout the UK and beyond, from Inverness to Gibraltar. 
In 2004 an opportunity arose, for us to become an Alliance Partner for Vizual, meaning we could sell their software and provider services to new customers. The way we approached this was to provide a solution rather than simply sell a HR System. 
This was done by understanding the limitations of the products, defining the customers needs and developing a solution to meet those needs in the simplest way possible. 
In April 2009, Vizual discontinued their Personnel Manager and Personnel Director products in favour of a fully web based system. We found that many of our customers simply were not ready for a web-based product and preferred the format of their existing system, even though it was becoming a bit dated. 
In light of this we searched extensively for a new provider of a HR system which not only matched our existing products for looks and ease of use, but was a more up-to-date and powerful system to help our customers get more from it. 
In October 2009, we formed a new partnership with P&A Software, providers of People Inc. In recognition of this, we also reformed our company and brand into AgathonHR. 

People Inc is a very powerful system. It is easy to assume that it is simply a database which records staff information and does basic calculations. But it is completely flexible with built in workflows through triggers and wizards making it much more effective as a HR tool as it does much of the repetitive work for you. 
Again, with People Inc, we are not just selling a newer more powerful HR Software System, we are providing a much more powerful and functional solution for our customers. 
In one example, we have a customer who was using Personnel Director, but really just as a database recording basic contact details and some absence information. After providing training for them, we got into a discussion about their biggest and most time consuming task which was recruitment. It was clear there was a requirement to improve this process especially in light of the fact that one of the recruitment team had to spend a weekend, reviewing each applicants paperwork to see where he heard about the position to see which of their recruitment advertising campaigns was the most successful. 
Unfortunately their existing system was never designed to manage recruitment, but after spending a day scoping out their requirements and understanding their processes, we were able to develop some custom screens to record the information their required. We then developed and documented a new process which through a series of filters, letters and reports completely transformed how they managed their recruitment saving them a great deal of time, money and duplication of effort. 
The next phase of our continued relationship with the customer is to look at upgrading them to People Inc, to save them even more time and effort due to People Inc’s built in workflows and the fact that we can build triggers specifically for the customer and their processes. 
Using the specially designed migration tool, we can transfer all of their data into People Inc with a minimum of fuss and effort. Additionally, since People Inc already has a fully functional Recruitment system built in, it is just a case of configuring this to meet their requirements and they will be able to make a huge step forward in how they work, saving them even more time, effort and therefore costs. 
This is just one example of how we can provide more than just a HR system. Through our partnership with P&A Software and working with their People Inc HR Software system we can now provide powerful solutions to solve the problems faced by HR professionals, without the cost and inconvenience usually associated with implementing a new HR software system. 

People Inc. One database, multiple modules, fully customisable, HR software 

Recent People Inc. implementations include the following:

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