Manage Salary Reviews -

A new streamline workflow has been added to the People Inc. system via a new plug-in for managing the salary review process. This new tool allows users to import salary data into the system and manage existing records.

Allowing for the bulk updating of salary records this tool will highlight issues with a user prepared spreadsheet and allow for an corrections to be made before the system is updated. The tool also allows for the bulk manipulation of currently held salary records. Percent of amount increases can be applied to a range of employees with previous and proposed values visible in the tool.

When importing data into the system users can use the tool to add validation calculations to their own spreadsheet to help identify potential issues or errors in calculations. A second stage of validation will check the data in the spreadsheet against records held in the People Inc. system. Users are able to export  a version of their own spreadsheet with any issues highlighted or they are able to proceed.

A grid layout gives details for each employee and includes bulk updating tools as well as sorting. Employees can be processed in batches or all at once. Where a staff member is not eligible for a salary record the reason will be indicated allowing the user to make any necessary adjustments.

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