Employee Directory -

The People Inc. Employee Directory provides all staff with access to contact details and availability information for their work colleagues. Available as an Employee Self-Service Add-on the Employee Directory is accessed via a PC or mobile phone and the usual filter/search facilities help users find the employee they are looking for. 

The customisable cells in the directory can be set up to display a range of different employee information. The default configuration shows a photograph and job / department infomation, and enables users to call or e-mail direct from the entry (using work phone ans work e-mail details).

An indication of the availability of each employee is provided using a colour-coded shadow on each cell (green is available, pink is unavailable). Individuals can change their status to 'In meetings' of 'Working from home' using a tool-bar at the top of the directory page. 

Organisations can change the styling of the Employee Directory (to match other corporate systems).

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