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Reports are the simple and easy way to get information out of the People Inc. system. They can then form the basis of an organisation's regular HR reporting, or be used in handouts, emails, or presentations. The People Inc. system includes a library of over 200 report templates together with a powerful report writer (that enables users to edit reports or write their own). In addition to the standard library of reports, report templates can be downloaded from the Resources area of our website and used within People Inc.

The Report Browser plug-in enables users to browse the report templates held on-line, select reports that they would like to use, then download and install them with just a click of their mouse. Reports are listed by category within the plug-in, and a description and preview of each report is shown when it is selected. Reports that have been added most recently are also displayed in a separate list so that users do not need to search through the library each time they use the plug-in.

Report Browser




The new plug-in compliments the functionality provided by the existing People Inc reports functionality. The Report Browser plug-in provides the following features:

  • The plug-in works within People Inc. The user can control who has access to it using user access profiles.
  • The user can browse through the online report library category by category. A description and image of each report is shown (using sample data).
  • The reports can be downloaded directly into People Inc. The user can choose where reports are added.



The plug-in provides the user a number of benefits:

  • It increases the number of reports available to the user (around 200 standard report templates are provided with the People Inc system).
  • It is quick and easy to add new report templates (just a click of the mouse).
  • As new reports are created, they will be made available in the online library and will therefore be available to all People Inc. users.
  • The report browser allows users to see an example of what the report looks like when it is used.


Also Available as a Plug-in

We regularly make new Perople Inc. Wizards and Plug-ins available. Plug-ins and Wizards can be downloaded from the People Inc. Resources pages - click here. Plug-ins that provide the following functionality are currently available:

  • View an employee's absence in a calendar
  • View a group of employees and their absence
  • View and manage Organisation Charts
  • Publish pay-slips via the People Inc. ESS
  • Access the on-line library of report templates


Getting a copy of the plug-in

The new Report Browser plug-in is available as a download, free of charge to all People Inc. users. Note that to download a copy, a log-in for the Client Resources area of our website is required. Click here to visit this area of our website and download a copy of this plug-in.

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