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The new Recalculate Data Screen wizard enables users to recalculate all of the records managed via a particular People Inc. data screen. For example, if the length of service is not up-to-date in employee records, this wizard enables users to recalculate this information.

Recalculate Data Screen Wizard



People Inc. Triggers

Calculated fields within People Inc. are updated using triggers. For example, an employee’s age is calculated based on their data of birth and todays date, using a trigger. Most People Inc. screens have a significant number of triggers defined within them. The triggers defined within a screen can be reviewed using the Screen Designer.

If users need information to be calculated automatically within People Inc, they can add custom triggers to a screen (once again, using the Screen Designer). For example, the user may wish to itemise the expenses claimed by an employee when they attend a training course, and calculate the total figure.

The People Inc. Daily Run

Calculated or derived information is normally shown in People Inc. using a field with a yellow background. Generally speaking, calculated data (information that is derived from details held elsewhere within the People Inc. system) is updated automatically overnight by the People Inc. Daily Run. While the new wizard enables users to force the system to recalculate data, if the overnight recalculation is for some reason not completing successfully, this should be reported to the helpdesk.

Note that it is possible that some information is not recalculated automatically overnight. For example, if a user has added a trigger to a screen, this will not normally be included in the recalculation that takes place each night.

Recalculating data

The Recalculate Data Screen wizard enables a user to select one of the People Inc. system screens and then select one of the filters defined for that screen, the wizard will then take each record one by one and runs all of the ‘update’ triggers defined for the screen in question. For example, using the wizard, the user could select the employee screen, and select the ‘Current Employees’ filter, and then recalculate all of the derived (or calculated) data in those records.

This is useful in a number of situations:

  • As a temporary measure to recalculate the details in a screen when the People Inc. Daily Run is not working for some reason.
  • If the users has imported some data and would like to get the system to update related records. For example, the user has imported some salary records and they would like to calculate the derived information (hourly rate, pay per period, etc.) for these entries.
  • If a user has added a new trigger to a screen and would like to run this trigger for all the existing records managed using that screen. For example, if the user has set up a new Action-List trigger and would like to generate an action (based on this trigger) for each of the existing employees.


Note that some People Inc. triggers are set up so that they only come into play when a new record is created, or when a record is deleted. These triggers are ignored by the Recalculate Data Screen wizard.

Downloading a Copy

The new wizard is available as a download, free of charge to all People Inc. users. Note that to do this, a log-in for the Client Resources area of the website is required. Click here to go to the Client Resources log-in page.

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