People Inc.

People Inc. - the flexible HR solution for managing all personnel activities and information:

Personnel records Flexible working
Salaries Organisation structure
Job definitions Headcount
Holiday allowances Recruitment
Holiday bookings Retirement
Absence information Contracts
Sickness records Medicals
Bonuses Disciplinary records
Benefits Reviews
Training records Appraisals
Training bookings Company cars
Maternity and paternity leave Company equipment

Easy to adapt

People Inc. evolves as your needs change allowing you to adapt the content and layout of screens and add new ones. The basic functionality of People Inc. covers 90-95% of all processes in your personnel department. The remainder of your requirements can be designed specifically for you, using the screen designer and report builder.

With these tools you can configure your own custom-designed system without needing the help of expensive software programmers. You are able to make your own database changes and add business rules and intelligence to the system yourself. P&A Group will maintain all customisation of your system when the software is upgraded.


Included are libraries of pre-defined on-screen reports, letter and e-mail templates, so that you can analyse personnel information and communicate with managers and employees. All reports can be printed or generated as a PDF file, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML. Report letter and e-mail templates may be adapted or you can create your own as you require.