People Inc. - HR Software at its Best!

People Inc. supplies HR systems for personnel management, employee self-service, recruitment management and training administration. Our human resources software comes with support services including human resource (HR) software implementation, training and helpdesk support. We also provide services for Vizual Personnel Manager & Personnel Director users.



People Inc. HR

People Inc.HR - the flexible HR solution for managing all personnel activities and information.


People Inc. ESS

The People Inc. Employee Intranet module is a web-based self-service tool.


People Inc. Web Recruitment

The Web Recruitment Add-on enables users to publish details of vacancies in People Inc. on their web site.



We provide an upgrade to People Inc. to all existing Vizual HR system users.


With People Inc. our complete personnel software management system, you can manage all your human resource department needs including records of salaries, job definitions, holiday allowances and bookings, absence, maternity leave, sickness, bonuses and benefits. Personnel training records and bookings can be managed through the company intranet, together with flexible working arrangements. With our human resources personnel software it becomes possible to automate the administration of recruitment, retirement, contracts, medicals, reviews and appraisals, as well as company cards and equipment. Personnel reports are quick and easy to produce and standard letters are included in the system.

By automating your HR management tasks with flexible personnel software you reduce time-consuming jobs, increase accuracy, reduce costs and increase reporting speeds to provide the best HR service.

People Inc. has supplied bespoke and off-the-shelf software to over 4500 customers since 1997. With headquarters just outside Rotterdam, the Group has expanded its European operations and now also distributes its own market-leading products in the UK, Belgium and Spain, offering extremely flexible HR solutions at competitive prices to organisations of all sizes.