ESS Customisation

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) can be customised to reflect the theme of your company. This can be done by any HTML literate member of your team, or designed by one of our consultants and applied directly to your system. 

The Employee Self Service module is set to use a particular style when it is first installed (see image below). 
The style is controlled using HTML defined in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These style sheets control the colours, fonts, images (banners, logos, etc.) and general layout of the ESS. 

Example designs:



It is possible to change the look and feel of the ESS by changing these style sheets. 
Further changes, such as the groups that appear on the home page, and the screen icons within them, can be made using the People Inc. Screen Designer Module. 
For a comprehensive guide on ESS Customisation please take a look at our Customisation page.