Self-Service Payslips -

There is a significant cost in providing printed payslips, sealed in individual envelopes, one delivered to each employee every month. At perhaps £1.50 per employee per payslip, even for an organisation with fewer than 100 employees this will amount to a few thousand pound a year.

If employees have access to their HR records via Employee Self-Service, payslips can be made available to them electronically. In fact all of the employee’s payslips going back in time can be made available in this way. An employee can access a full history of payslips, all in one place, and at any time.

We have recently developed a plug-in that will take a batch of payslips (PDF documents) and attach them to employee records within the People Inc. system. These are then made available to individuals via their People Inc. ESS account. The information is displayed within a new ESS screen that provides access to payslips year by year.

The ESS will of course provide employee with a significant number of additional benefits. They can check and update their personal details, book holidays, submit timesheets and expense claims. Having the ability to do this themselves reduces their dependence on HR and dramatically reduces the administrative burden on HR staff.

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