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Training staff is one of the key activities that can be managed using the People Inc. system. Functionality is provided to record training needs for employees, schedule the training and then update employee records once the training has been completed. This can be done for individual employees, for a group of employees (via three training management wizards).

The Mandatory Courses feature within People Inc. enables users to assign a training need to all the employees who work in a particular job or role. Training needs can also be identified during an appraisal and recorded via the appraisal screen. If a training need is identified for a large group of employees, for example when a new piece of legislation comes into force, or when the company launches a new product, a wizard enables users to register this need for all of the employees at once.

When a number of employees need to undertake the same training, they are usually scheduled on different days (or sessions). This too can be done in bulk; another wizard enables users to identify all employees who have a particular training need, and then choose a group to book onto a course. It is then possible to send out invitations, joining instructions, etc. from the People Inc. system.

After the training has taken place, it is important to confirm who attended (and who did not). The user can then report on the training that has been done and identify any further training needs. Once again, it is possible to do this for a group of employees using a wizard. The user can select the course, and update the records of employees who attended the training. At this point, if the course the employees attended expires (this is a setting in the course definition), a follow-up training need for the same course is automatically created for each of the employees. Alternatively, the user can specify a different course as the follow up training need (a refresher course).

People Inc. Training Courses screen


We are running a number of on-line webinars to demonstrate these training wizards and explain how they can help with training management. These are scheduled for:

  • Monday 6th March @ 11:00
  • Monday 6th March @ 15:00
  • Tuesday 14th March @ 15:00 
  • Thursday 16rd March @ 11:00


Please call us on 01908 265111 (or e-mail if you would like join one of these sessions. Note that you can download copies of the training management wizards from our user-resources pages; click here (you will need to register for an account if you do not currently have one).

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