People Inc. for Academy HR Managers

During our discussions with Academy HR Managers, it became apparent that many record employee information using systems primarily designed for the management of education (Pupil Data and Timetables, etc.) These systems have very limited HR functionality.

Working with a number of Academies we identified their main requirements for the management of HR information. It became clear that a range of needs relate specifically to Academies. These include the ability to record employee data that can be used to produce an annual School Workforce Census report quickly and easily.

Requirements in addition to standard HR facilities

Main Requirements

  • Management of Term Time Hours for Support Staff
  • Multiple Roles
  • School Workforce Census Reporting
  • Data from SIMS to be imported into People Inc. for Academies


Employee Self Service Requirements

  • 'Managers’  to administer holidays (for Support Staff)
  • Allow employees to manage personal information which is relevant to them
  • Allow HR and other Managers to run reports
  • Personal absence approval process


Current Reporting Requirements

  • Workforce Census
  • Continuous Teaching Service (across all employers)
  • Continuous Service – for staff who have been TUPE’d across
  • Continuous Service – at current employer
  • Long Term Absence and Short Term Absence with costs
  • Pay Reports
  • Grades
  • Gender Splits
  • Staff Turnover Starters and Leavers
  • Equality, Ethnicity, Disability, Religion
  • Length of service
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Headcount for Multiple Roles
  • Qualifications Report
  • FTE Report


Standard Functionality

  • Need to record Pay History
  • Administration of Holidays and Absence
  • Require ‘Multi Company’ capability to manage subsidiary annexes
  • Absence data - Holidays run in line with academic year (April to March for Cleaners/Caretakers)
  • Mail Merge and auto attach documents (contracts) to employees
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Ability to scan and store documents against employee records
  • Ability to manage Training and the management of Courses from the system
  • Training records - all job roles to feed into the Training screen as a Training Need
  • Employee Reviews
  • Addition of Bank Holidays until 2020


Term Time Plus Hours

Using Absence system to manage Term Time Plus hours. This can also be viewed on the Absence Calendar.

Managing Multiple Posts

In many Academies, a small number of staff perform different roles. To enable efficient management it is necessary to be able to report on the Hours per role; Holiday/Absence allowed per role; holidays/absence taken per role and Salary per role.

HR Documents area

In addition to the standard functionality within People Inc. of providing users with a facility to attach documents (most formats including DOC; PDF; XLS etc) to a record be it employees, training records, disciplinary details, etc.

Many Academies also have a requirement to store documents such as Policies and Forms centrally so employees can access them quickly and easily. The HR Documents area within People Inc. works by having a screen for different types of documents for example, Policies, Forms, Staff Handbooks etc. Relevant documents are attached on each screen and are mad available via the Employee Self Service module.

Workforce Census Report Requirement

People Inc. is primarily designed as a comprehensive HR Management Information System yet it can be configured to allow educational establishments to record information about their Teachers and Support staff, not only to facilitate the HR responsibilities, but also so it can be used to generate the information required for the School Workforce Census in a suitable format to be imported into the required Templates.

This is a list of the requirements for recording and reporting on information related to DFE Workforce Census (SWC) Report;

  • School Workforce Members Report (DFE3.3)
  • Contract/Service Report (DFE 3.4)
  • Post Additional Payments Report (DFE 3.5)
  • Roles Report (DFE 3.6)
  • Role Additional Payments Report (DFE 3.7)
  • Absence Report (DFE 3.8)
  • Curriculum Report (DFE 3.9) – From SIMS
  • Qualifications Report (DFE 3.10)
  • School Report (DFE 3.11) – N/A
  • Vacancy Report (DFE 3.12) – N/A
  • Agency TP Support Staff Report (DFE 3.13) – N/A


Additional Reports

In addition to the above reports we produce reports for summarising the information for HR. These are reports to provide information to help HR manager day to day tasks rather than specifically for the SWC;

  • Continuous Teaching Service – LA
  • Continuous Service – TUPE
  • Continuous Service current employer
  • Starters and Leavers
  • Dual role report
  • Ethnicity analysis
  • Disability analysis
  • Religion analysis
  • Gender analysis
  • Salary analysis
  • Multiple roles
  • Absence analysis
  • Age analysis
  • Grade analysis
  • FTE Report


Using the Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service is a vital tool for centrally managing employee information. Employees can notify HR/Payroll of any changes to their personal details such as a change of address directly from the Employee Self Service Module which is extremely easy to use. This is invaluable for establishments such as academies where they are responsible for more than one site.

For more information please download a copy of the flyer or contact us directly.